Eyelash Extensions

Moisturise that gorgeous skin

Looking for a great facial cream? This one's a winner! It helps to restore moisture while reducing redness and soothing irritated skin. 
There is nothing better than framing a new set of lash extensions with beautiful, radiant skin!.

Don’t forget those peepers

Brighten your eye area and fight the effects of aging with this little gem. Create a great foundation around your eyes by smoothing and re-energizing your skin. Clinique repair life SPF 15 firming day eye cream is the way to go. 

Fresh Mascara Wand
Don't forget to keep your lashes neat and tidy between visits. Use the mascara wand, provided at your appointment, to gently brush your extensions.


Wash your face

As you remove your makeup with makeup wipes, remember that there is always residue left over, be sure to cleanse your skin with an oil free cleanser and Neutrogena is a highly recommended product for all oil free face care.

lash must haves

Add little cat eye

Almost all of my clients ask which eyeliner is best to use while wearing lash extensions. The ONLY type that I recommend is a "felt-tip" or "marker-tip" liner. Crayon and cream liners can build up on your lash line and in between your extensions causing a multitude of issues. My favorites are Dior Show Art Pen and NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner.   



eyelash extensions

Wife off the day & Night

Two must-haves for every makeup removing routine are MAC Wipes and Simple's Eye Makeup Removing Pads. When combined, these two products make removing your makeup quick and easy. By keeping your eye area squeaky clean at night, you will help extend the life of your lashes.

A Cleanser for your lashes:

Melbourne lashes has formulated the perfect eyelash extension cleanser that is strong enough to remove residue and bacteria, but gentle enough on the extensions.