With Melbourne Lashes Rapidly growing , We strive to offer our students a one-of-a-kind experience with in depth theroy, hands on tasks and an on going mentorship to help you grow and develop as a Lash Stylist. We maintain a professional standard of quality in order to meet your every lash need. Our aim is to provide the highest level of education to new and existing Lash Stylists to change the lash world one student at a time to build a stronger lash community. By providing our courses we have been able to change our students lives, not only by teaching a skill but also providing them the tools to have the freedom to live the life they have always wanted with a work/life balance. The success of our students is evident in the amazing businesses they have been able to build providing their clients with the BEST lashes and exeptional expierence. Not only will Melbourne Lashes teach you lash skills we guide you into the world of owing your own business and what it takes to build a strong clientele, a reputable name and how to turn your lash passion into a financial gain.

Eyelash Extension training  in Melbourne Vic



Hi There, My name is Ashleigh the founder and Educator at Melbourne Lashes. I am a lash loving, positive and creative Lash Stylist with a passion for everything beauty. I have been in the Lash industry for over 9 years and with all of my experience I love to share it with all that are passionate about the Lash world. I have built a business from the ground up as a solo lash stylist, I understand what it takes to make an exceptional last stylist and a sucessful business women. Having a salon with over 300 client, 3 stuff members I have been apart of each step to create a businesses I only every dreamed about! I first discovered my interest in educating other when being approached by multiple lash stylists already in the industry wanting to know how I created amazing lashes with my unique techniques and built a successful business I felt that there was a need for more education to help strengthen the Lash world and from there more and more wanted to be apart of this evolving industry. Finding my passion to teach all that I know, it has provided the lash world amazing lash stylist which warms my heart.